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eye openers

rioja mary  |  Absolut peppar vodka, rioja house recipe  |  13.00

tequila spritz  |  tequila, Contratto, cava, grapefruit juice   |  12.00

island orchard  |  rum, apple pureé, orgeat, yuzu, lime juice  |  13.00

mimosa  |  sparkling cava, fresh squeezed orange juice  |  12.00

juice spritzers fresh squeezed juice, sparkling water  |  5.00


house salad arugula, dates, gorgonzola, almond vinaigrette  |  9.00

fresh bacon  |  pork belly, cardamom, curried garbanzo bean pureé  |  10.00

apple fritters brioche  |  caramel apple compote, caramel apples, caramel crème fraiche  |  9.50

artichoke tortelloni  |  artichoke mousse, white truffle brodo, queso de mano, chervil  |  20.00 / 12.50

rioja “picnic”  |  artisan meats, marinated sheep-goat feta, gorgonzola, olives, fennel salad, orange confit, almonds  |  20.00

roasted beet salad  |  Colorado golden beet, red beet, honey crisp apple, mustard green, soy-ginger glazed shiitake, sesame cracker, cashew butter  |  11.00


cured salmon benedict  |  goat cheese biscuit, citrus cured salmon, spinach, tomato, poached eggs*, béarnaise  |  16.00

Gabe’s chronic chicken salad sandwich chile-marinated grilled chicken salad includes chronic bacon, curry aioli, radicchio, celery, candied cashews, mixed greens on focaccia |  14.50

crêpe of the day  |  MP

the hangover cure braised pork belly, crispy fingerling potatoes, scrambled eggs, cipollini onions, oyster mushrooms, avocado,  green sauce  |  17.50

Colorado lamb burger*  |  house made mozzarella, spicy aioli, oven roasted tomatoes, arugula salad | 15.00
á la Fausto  |  fried egg*, chronic bacon, avocado  |  add 6.00

from flavor dojo

green breakfast bowl*  |  Rebel Farms spicy mix, avocado, goat cheese, super seed mix, sunny side up eggs, jalapeño crema vinaigrette  |  13.00

focaccia avocado toast smashed avocado, honey crisp apple,  jalapeño crema, pickled butternut squash, arugula, Dubliner cheddar cheese, super seed mix  |  12.00

Anson Mills farro verde bowl  |  Rebel Farms spicy mix, crunchy seed mix, almonds, cucumber, baby heirloom tomatoes, house made Dijon-tarragon vinaigrette  |  11.00

chilled buckwheat soba noodle bowl snow peas, pickled carrots, nira chive, Verde Farms pea shoots, Thai-chile peanut vinaigrette, peanuts, cilantro  |  11.00

dojo ramen Pork umami Shiitake broth, buckwheat soba noodles, roasted shiitakes, ajitsake tamago, edamame, pickled carrots, nira chives, snow peas, chili oil, cilantro  |  13.00

seaweed salad bowl wakame and crispy nori, greens, cucumber, pickled carrots, avocado, snow peas, edamame, yuzu vinaigrette  |  12.00

add to any item:

grilled chicken breast +5.00   |   ajitsake tamago +2.75
hoisin-braised short rib +13.50   |   tofu +5.00
gulf shrimp +10.75   |   brined pork belly +5.50
grilled salmon +8.50   |   hard boiled eggs +2.50
seared tuna + 10.50   |    sushi grade diced tuna + 10.50


Chocolate Japanese “cloud cake” |  chocolate soufflé cake, chocolate sauce, chocolate tuile, coffee ice cream  |  9.50

beignets sweet goat cheese and black mission fig filled pastries, ruby port reduction |  9.50

caramelized phyllo Bavarian napoleon caramel-espresso Bavarian cream layers, crispy phyllo, hand painted-caramel truffle,  sherry infused hot chocolate  |  9.50

house made ice creams and sorbets lace cookie plate, choose three ice creams or sorbets or mix ‘n match  |  9.50

*these items may be served raw or undercooked, or contain raw or undercooked ingredients.  consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness

executive chef – gabe wyman

sous chef team – fausto vasquez, quinn polsinelli